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Ready to Experience the Magic of DTF & UV DTF?

Don’t need a full meter? No problem! Use the calculator below to determine the price per label based on your specific measurements. We’re here to accommodate any size order with no minimum quantity required. Plus, if your order fills a full meter, you’ll benefit from the lower price per meter, rather than the calculated price per label. It’s that simple—start calculating now and see how we can help bring your projects to life!

UV DTF & DTF Price Calculator

Enter the dimensions in millimeters:

UV DTF & DTF Order Form

Here you will fill out the details of your order, please make sure that any artwork you submit is high resolution (150+ dpi) and has no background. If your artwork has a background it will print exactly as is. Please submit artwork as png. Jpg files will have a solid background so please don't submit those. 

This form has space to submit up to 5 different artworks, if you are ordering more please get in touch with us via email instead: